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    3KVA24V solar inverter

    2016-07-16 14:58:12

    3KVA24V solar inverter


    oPure sine wave inverter

    oBuilt-in MPPT solar chargecontroller

    oSelectable input voltage rangefor home appliances and personal computers

    oSelectable charging currentbased on applications

    oConfigurable AC/Solar inputpriority via LCD setting

    oCompatible to mains voltage orgenerator power

    oAuto restart while AC isrecovering

    oOverload and short circuitprotection

    oSmart battery charger designfor optimized battery performance

    oCold start function

    oParallel operation with up to 6units only available for 4KVA/5KVA

    oOptional Remote Control Panelavailable

    2. Specification

    Contact telephone:
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